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Friday, September 27, 2019

Made For You by Anyta Sunday Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange of anew honest review (which they always are but like we might as well stay it)
Made for You (Love and Family, #2)
I have to say this is an adult novel and contains explicit scenes, so beware if that's not your cup of tea !

I went into this after reading the description, it really intrigued me. This story is both fluffy and heart wrenching, we follow two points of views through the novel. The first  one Ben a charming young adult in his early twenties doing his best to raise his younger brother Milo, and couple of years after the death of their parents. They live in the little joint house by the side of the house they used to lived with their parents. The second, is Jack a young (still 16 years older than Ben) Carpenter teacher at Milo's school, he is kind and funny, his dream is to buy and renovate the Villa of his dreams.
This story truly takes off when Jack volunteers to renovate the brother's house, he is determined to keep things professional even though he is undoubtedly attracted to Ben. Of course Ben is flirtatious, and deeply attracted to Jack, though he respects his boundaries and they become friends.
Jack is also loving this little family of two, it's a little look into what he's always wanted and doesn't think he'll find; Jack also has a sad past, he was disowned by his family for being gay.
This novel was a true surprise, I wasn't expecting to fall so deeply in love with the hilarious bird loving brother dynamic and the deeply touching romance that was into this. It was the perfect mix of choosing to be happy, learning that sometimes love is unexpected and that dreams can change.
Milo was what really got me hooked from the beginning he is HILARIOUS, I loved how he kept trying to make his brother not sell the house, while he is a troublemaker at school due to his sarcasm and humoristic comments. This causes trouble at parent-teacher meetings for Ben, he feels like he is failing his brother and isn't raising him right, this is the root of his problem, he isn't grieving as much as he should be because he feels overwhelmed by everything.
This story was perfect in both happy, loving, melancholic and sad moments. I loved the friendships that were in this book Sam and Luke were just so endeering, amazing friends and I loved the portrayal of ex-boyfriends not being toxic and still becoming best-friends.
I cannot stress this enough..

5/5 stars


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff Book Review

Nevernight is a wonderful read, it is a gem of a book that I would recommend to anyone and everyone (there's death and sex scenes and such so beware!)
Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)
Nevernight is a story told from the perspective of Mia Corvere a young tennager who lost everything at the age of ten. She was taken under the wing of an assassin called Mercurio, when she will face many challenges to get to the Red Church a school of assassins, where she will learn the arts taught such as poison class in order to perfect her skills. This is the story of girl in her journey to avenge  her family.

It took me a while to read Nevernight, it was a pretty intimidating read, first of all the annotations at the bottom. I wasn't sure how I would take it, while it did take me a couple of them to adjust to it I rapidly became addicted to them, some were funny, others informative or sometimes both.
The beginning was everything, I loved every second of getting to know Mia, her backstory and each side characters were simply divine ! (even the ones I hated)
Oh Tric my lovely, Tric ..., I won't say more but DAMN !
I loved the school of assassin's setting, the Red Church and learning more about Mr.Kindly, the art to kill someone and the world.
This fantasy world is beautifully constructed and because there is beautiful maps that I loved referring to during my read, it really helped me be totally immersed in my read and really feel like I was there due to the wonderful descriptions of the places they were and the scents that were present.
It was an addictive first book in a trilogy and thankfully I don't have to wait for the last two books as they have already come out at this time !!!

5/5 stars

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Monstress First 3 Volumes Review

Monstress is Fantastical image coming series written by Marjorie M. Liu and illustrated by Sana Takeda. 
Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening
This comic series is set up in an alternate 1900's Asia where there are half-humans, magic, talking cats and other outworldly monsters. Monstress follows the story of a teenager who is traumatized by war and is struggling to survive. She shared a mysterious bond with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that is changing them both and makes them the target of both humans and other monsters. 

I LOVE this  series so far, it has been so captivating, the story line is complex, the world is dark and full of twist and turns. The art is breathtaking, it makes you stop reading to just look at it. The story opens with a slave auction, which dissolves quickly into hands on action. 

I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves fantasy and wants to try graphic novels or whom is just looking for a great time, while it is really dark the steampunk element in this is lovely and the storyline progresses, with a richness and depth that will leave you unable to put it down !


Monday, September 23, 2019

Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier Book Review

Welcome to this book review,
[Disclaimer I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review]
The Harp of Kings (Warrior Bards, #1)

I have always wanted to read some Juliet Marillier, when I heard about this new release I was immediately intrigued as it is about a Bard and when I have previously played Dungeon & Dragons I have played a Bard. This book  unfortunately wasn't as amazing as I expected it to be.
The use of different language and nicknames/terms/relationships that weren't explained but rather written as some sort of dictionary at the beginning of the book.
The first sentence in the book completely threw me off, it was two words I did not know and a simple addition to it, I immediately hoped it would have it's definition in the front of the book. Thankfully it did, but I did not enjoy the back and forth with my reading and the way it was written for the most part, which I did not expect due to every excerpt from her other books which I had a lovely experience reading.
The story itself wasn't bad once you skip over all those things I loved the sibling relationship between Brocc and Liobhan. I loved that Liobhan though being a girl wasn't the weak one, who always needed help, though at times it did feel like she was too good at everything, I also really enjoyed all the different types of species that were there, like fae folk, witches and such. The magic was really enjoyable and that it was a very character driven story.
Overall I really enjoyed the quest and the fact that they were perfectly suited for it, the journey was fun and Dau was a wonderful character to get to know too.
Unfortunately it wasn't the best fantasy I have read this year and I hated how it was said or rather implied by Dau that a woman couldn't properly "put her heart" into two activities at once ?!?! like uh YES she can !

Anyhow, I am interested to see what happens next in the series.

3.85/5 stars


10 Great Adult M/M Romances

Here are 10 great adult M/M romances that I have read in the past, they are in no particular order and I do want to point out that they contains explicit content and thus are not suited for everyone.

1. Always by Kindle Alexander
This is a wonderful story in which we follow the love story of a married couple as you discover how they got together, the struggle they faced. This is an heartwarming story that will make you fall in love with the characters as you see them fall in love and become a family.

2. Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat
Captive Prince (Captive Prince, #1)
This is a trilogy that will make you fall in love with it's fantastical historical inspired world, where politics are at the forefront. It is also a beautiful romance without insta love !

Damen is a warrior hero to his people, and the rightful heir to the throne of Akielos. But when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity, and sent to serve the prince of an enemy nation as a pleasure slave.

Beautiful, manipulative, and deadly, his new master, Prince Laurent, epitomizes the worst of the court at Vere. But in the lethal political web of the Veretian court, nothing is as it seems, and when Damen finds himself caught up in a play for the throne, he must work together with Laurent to survive and save his country.

For Damen, there is just one rule: never, ever reveal his true identity. Because the one man Damen needs is the one man who has more reason to hate him than anyone else…

3. The Quarterback by Mackenzie Blair
The Quarterback

This story follows a romance between Matt Lancaster a quarterback at Bodine's College whom falls in love despite himself with Trevor a masseur who is also a Bodine student, he is gorgeous, tattooed, witty and was unfortunately thrown out of his house for being gay. While Matt needs to keep his scholarship, win the national championship and deal with his asshole father, he falls in love, Trevor promised himself not to fall in love with a closeted man and not go back in the closet for anyone. He will need to accept that the quarterback is not meant to end up with a cheerleader but rather him and that maybe it's time they both get an happy ending. 

4. Try by Ella Frank
Try (Temptation, #1)
Sex. Logan Mitchell loves it, and ever since he realized his raw sexual appeal at a young age, he has had no problem using it to his advantage. Men and women alike fall into his bed—after all, Logan is not one to discriminate. He lives by one motto—if something interests you, why not just take a chance and try?

And he wants to try Tate Morrison.

Just coming out of a four-year marriage with an ex-wife from hell, a relationship is the last thing on Tate’s mind. He’s starting fresh and trying to get back on his feet with a new job at an upscale bar in downtown Chicago.

The only problem is, Tate has caught the unwavering and unwelcome attention of Mr. Logan Mitchell – a regular at the bar and a man who always gets what he wants.

Night after night Tate fends off the persistent advances of the undeniably charismatic man, but after an explosive moment in the bar, all bets are off as he finds his body stirring with a different desire than his mind.

As arrogance, stubbornness and sexual tension sizzles between the two, it threatens to change the very course of their lives.

Logan doesn’t do relationships. Tate doesn’t do me

This whole series was an amazing read, I highly recommend it !

5. Him by Sabrina Bowen & Elle Kennedy
Him (Him, #1)

This is the start of a beautiful duology that follows hockey players who were bestill friends from Summer hockey camp when they were kids. They meet again in college, when Jamie still doesn't understand what he did to lose his best friend, when four years previous he Ryan cut him off with no explanation. 

My personal favourite is the second novel called Us but this series is a beautifully written story written by two amazing authors, it is one of my favourite of all time. 

6. Axel's Pup by Kim Dare
Axel's Pup (Werewolves & Dragons, #1)
This is a BDSM love story between a werewolf and a human set in a world where werewolves are oppressed and treated as less than human. 

As the landlord of The Dragon’s Lair and leader of The Black Dragons Motorcycle Club, Axel Carmichael has seen it all and done it all. He’s a respected and experienced dom. Nothing shocks him any more, and nobody catches him off guard.

When Bayden rides up to The Dragon’s Lair on a bike worth more than most men earn in a year, and immediately demonstrates that he has far more attitude than sense, it’s easy for Axel to write him off as a silly little rich boy who’s about to get himself killed.

But, there’s more to Bayden than meets the eye. He’s no silly little boy, rich or otherwise, and werewolves aren’t easy to kill.

7. Crossroads by Riley Hart
Crossroads (Crossroads, #1)
Normally I'm not a huge fan of the Gay for you thropes but these characters made it feel like he just hadn't realized he was bisexual rather than him being only gay for the other main character.

After divorcing the woman he’d been with since he was seventeen, Nick Fuller is starting over. He owns the restaurant of his dreams and he’s determined to meet new people, find new passions, and experience life to its fullest. Easier said than done—that is until he meets his new neighbor, Bryce Tanner…

Bryce is all about a good time. He plans to show Nick how it’s done, help him meet a few women, and enjoy the gift of the single life he’s been given. But things don’t go as planned, and soon they realize they’d rather be together than with anyone else.

Neither man has ever wanted another guy, but there’s a connection between them from the start—a spark they can’t deny. They find themselves navigating an unfamiliar new world and dealing with unforeseen obstacles. Physical desire isn’t enough, and now Nick and Bryce are at a crossroads. They have to decide which way to go: the easy path they’ve always followed, or the one that's determined to trip them up at every turn.

8. Power Exchange by A.J. Rose 
Power Exchange (Power Exchange, #1)
This BDSM police love story is STEAMY HOT  like damn it is a great story, also it has a beautiful romance and contains an amazing storyline where the police investigation is all so intriguing and mesmerizing.

From the moment Detective Gavin DeGrassi steps into the world of BDSM to solve the brutal slaying of Dom George Kaiser, his course is not his own. Mesmerized by the context in which the victim lived and the images of the lifestyle seared into his soul, Gavin must find a way to navigate these unknown waters. With his personal life in upheaval due to marital trouble, and his professional life uncertain with the assignment of a new partner, Gavin needs all the help he can get understanding the case.

Enter Ben Haverson, a psychologist and a well known Dom. With Ben’s help as a consultant and attention to Gavin's own murky truths, Gavin delves deeper than he ever thought he would into the world of restraints and paddles. Forced to scrutinize his true nature and his innermost desires, Gavin has a choice: keep the fear of submitting at bay, or dive in and solve the case with the knowledge he gains. When another victim is discovered, Gavin’s choice is made for him, and he’s pulled headlong into the deepest, most emotional journey of his life.

Unfortunately for him and Ben, a killer has noticed, has taken stock, and has set his sights on the D/s pair. Can Gavin outwit him, or will his first exchange of power be his last?

9. Plan B by S.J.D Peterson
Plan B
This is a story where sometimes plan B was the plan all along.

Danny Marshal has always lived his life out loud, but his androgynous appearance is only a small part of who he is. One night at a frat party, Danny meets Lance Lenard, football jock and apparent straight guy. Lance is shocked when he's immediately attracted to Danny's feminine side. Danny is happy to be the subject of Lance's first man-on-man experiment—until Lance begins to struggle with the fact that despite his appearance, Danny is indeed a man.

Lance's whole life has been focused on his goal of playing in the NFL, and he knows those dreams will be smashed if anyone finds out about his little secret. Although Lance has come to hunger for Danny's touch, he's not willing to give Danny what he's grown to crave: a boyfriend who's proud to love him for every flamboyant and snarky cell in his body.

Life sends Danny and Lance in different directions, each of them focused on his respective Plan A. But the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.


10. Strong Side by 
Strong Side (Eastshore Tigers, #1)  
Their chemistry on the field is undeniable. But can they ever be more than friends?

Jason Hawkins is about to throw the biggest Hail Mary pass of his career.

If he can't turn NFL recruiters' heads this year, he'll lose his shot at the one thing he's ever been good at. But every quarterback needs a man he can count on down-field. For Jason, that man just might be the Tigers' new receiver, Derek Griffin.

Four years ago, Derek nearly lost everything after being outed by his teammates.

Now he finally has a chance to get it all back as a walk-on for Eastshore College... if he can resist his immediate attraction to the gorgeous and very straight star quarterback.

An instant connection during practice leads to an easy friendship that only grows stronger off the field. Derek is convinced friendship is all it'll ever be, but a very confusing moment of impulse leaves both of them fumbling for answers about their relationship.

As curiosity gives way to passion and passion gives way to something deeper, Jason and Derek will have to tackle their own personal demons to bring home the win and earn their happy ending.

And an extra one just because I couldn't not mention it :

-- . Off Base by Annabeth Albert
Off Base (Out of Uniform, #1)
HOT this is like arrgh so many emotions, I mean army, coming out, accepting who you are, realizing that you are never as alone as you think you are and that sometimes dreams can change.

After trading the barracks for a fixer-upper rental, navy SEAL Zack Nelson wants peace, not a roommate—especially not Pike, who sees things about Zack he most wants to hide. Pike's flirting puts virgin Zack on edge. And the questions Pike's arrival would spark from Zack's teammates about his own sexuality? Nope. Not going there. But Zack can't refuse.

Pike Reynolds knows there won't be a warm welcome in his new home. What can he say? He's an acquired taste. But he needs this chance to get his life together. Also, teasing the uptight SEAL will be hella fun. Still, Pike has to tread carefully; he's had his fill of tourists in the past, and he can't risk his heart on another, not even one as hot, as built—and, okay, yeah, as adorable—as Zack.

Living with Pike crumbles Zack's restraint and fuels his curiosity. He discovers how well they fit together in bed…in the shower…in the hallway… He needs Pike more than he could have imagined, yet he doesn't know how to be the man Pike deserves.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Crown Of Coral And Pearl by Mara Rutherford

Crown of Coral and Pearl (Crown of Coral and Pearl, #1)

Welcome to this book review,

[Disclaimer: I received an ARC (advanced reader copy) of this book in exchange of an honest review]

This book attracted me for two principal reasons, first the description which is dark and beautifully mysterious and second the cover. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is this book. This is set in a world where for generations princes  of Ilara come and choose a bride from Nor's village by the sea called Varenia, every girl dreams of being chosen , but they discover that the price to become royalty is higher than they could've imagined.
I loved and disliked a lot about this novel, The concept was great and while the writing style makes for a wonderful reading experience, for me the mystery wasn't as much of one since it had so many predictable things happening in it. I really enjoyed the complexity of the relationships (friendships, family relations) between the characters, I also enjoyed how the author really went deep into the dysfunctionality of the family relations. This fantastical world was so well described that I could see it perfectly in my mind, my issues with this book started to grow bigger with the second half of it.
I am not a fan of insta love, I mean when I want to read it I will, but I don't seek it out and expect to see it in a fantasy novel where the setting is meant to be so dark.
I really enjoyed Prince Ceren and hated that the insta love between Talin and Nor made him to be perceived as an even worse character since he is her fiance.
While the ending is quite satisfying I am glad that this is a duology as I really enjoyed the world, I can't wait to have a better understanding of it.

I recommend the read if you love fantastical world beautifully described, where the author promotes the fact that beauty is more than looks.

3.75/5 stars


Thursday, September 19, 2019

10 Books I Want To Read Before 2020

Here is the top 15 of my TBR (to be read) pile that I would love to get to before 2020 begins, while I hope to read all of them and will do my best to do so, I most probably won't succeed in reading them all.
Here is in no particular order, books that will come out, have already come out or have been on my shelf for a long time that I want to get to.

1. The Girl In The Tower by Katherine Arden
The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy, #2)
This is the sequel and second installment in the Winternight trilogy.
This trilogy is centered on Russian mythology and the story of a young girl as she grows up to become the woman she was always meant to be. The first book "The Bear and the Nightingale" dealves us in a world filled with magic, mystery and politics where the wrong move could cost you your life. This is a world where fairy tales aren't a work of fiction but actually long forgotten tales that are coming back to life.

This is a wonderful historical fiction inspired fantasy that will always leave you wanting to know what happens next.

2.Middlegame by Seanan McGuire
This is a new science fiction/fantasy written by the author of the Wayward children series.

This book follows a set of Twin Roger and Dodger as they are raised by Reed a alchemist who created them and wants to make them ascend and claim their authority as his own.

That's all I know and that's all I want to know as it has been presented as a children with power and an X-men feel with a dark feel to it.

3. Starsight by Brandon Sanderson
Starsight (Skyward, #2)

I can't say much about this as it is the sequel to Skyward, which came out last year.

All you need to know is that this is a beautifully written, captivating science-fiction set in a planet where humans are hiding underground and fighting an alien race on the surface. There's a pilot school and we follow Spensa who always dreamed to become a pilot, much like her father before her, she wants to redeem her family name, as before his death her father was marked a traitor.

4. The Priory of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
The Priory of the Orange Tree
This is a standalone High Fantasy, all I know is this.
A world divided.
A queendom without an heir.
An ancient enemy awakens."

Do we really need to know more ?

5.  Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan
The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #1)
This is a finished trilogy by Rick Riordan author of the Percy Jackson series (one of his many series).
This time he takes us to the world of Norse Mythology where our main character Magnus Chase has been on the run since his mother told him to run away two years prior. The story begins when his uncle Randolph, whom is someone his mother always warned him about tracks him down. Sometimes you have to die before being able to start a new life.

6. Vicious but V.E. Schwab
Vicious (Villians #1)
Vicious is an anti-hero story, Where Victor and Eli who were once best friend gain power after a terrible accident. The story takes place ten years after Victor breaks out of prison determined to catch up with his one best-friend (now foe). Eli with a now enigmatic sidekick is determined to eradicate all people with abilities, driven by the memory of a terrible betrayal and memory.

7. The Institute by Stephen King
The Institute
This is Stephen King's latest book.
The premise of this book is children whose parents get killed, these children have powers and get taken to a place called the Institute where there is copies of their rooms with no windows or way out. There they must comply and partake in the experiments to survive otherwise they get punished.
Sometimes the real monsters are humans.

8. Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzie Lee
Loki: Where Mischief Lies
Loki is legitimately one of my favourite Norse God and partly why I love the Avengers so much.
This book is set before the events of the Avengers, when Loki wants to prove himself to be heroic and capable when everyone around him believes he will undoubtedly become villainous.

9. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell
Wayward Son (Simon Snow, #2)
This is the most awaited sequel, we never thought we would get of Carry On.
After the events of the last book (which I won't go in details with), we are now going to have a road trip through america, where we will meet vampires and discover that though his journey is finished, Simon's life has just begun.


10. Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir
Gideon the Ninth (The Ninth House, #1)
This is a lesbian necromancer in space story about Gideon whom is ready to let go of her life of servitude as a revived corpse. With her swords, dirty magazines and shoes she leaves, out there she meets the heir of the Ninth House Harrowhark Nonagesimus a necromancer, she must succeed in tasks with the help of her cavalier to become an immortal. Without Gideon's help Harrow will fail and the Ninth house will fall.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

6 Fall and Winter New Book Releases to Look Forward to that aren't Sequels !

With the numerous books that are coming out lately, and that are going to come out here's some you should keep an eye out for that aren't sequels. Here is in no particular order some of them.

1. House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig
This is a retelling of the Twelve dancing princesses where the sisters are dying one by one and AnnaLeigh must discovers and understand the curse her family has.
The story is set in an island, prepare to be swept away by a dark story full of mysteries where Annaleigh starts to get visions of the deaths of her sister, she must stop the curse before it claims her with the help of a sea Captain named Cassius.

came out in August 2019.

2. Ziggy Stardust and Me by James Brandon

This is an LGBTQIA story set in 1973 where being gay meant having a  mental illness, between bullying and anxiety sixteen years old Jonathan is only kept afloat by his imagination. This is a love story that happens against all odds between Jonathan and Web a Native American young boy who makes him believe taking a risk by being true to himself might just be worth it all.

Came out August 2019.

3. Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzie Lee
Here lies a great funny tale about Loki, I must say Mackenzie Lee is becoming one of my favourite authors. She has an amazing writing style, and writes vivid characters which make this even more exciting as it is not only a marvel story, but also a Norse mythology story.

Came out September 2019.

4. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo
This is a most anticipated book, it is the first adult novel by Leigh Bardugo which is really exciting,
This is a book set up in a world much like our own where the prestigious Yale University has secret Society, Alex our main character is the sole survivor of a series of multiple unsolved homicides when she gets an invitation to attend Yale University, there she will discover occult activities far more sinister and dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined.

Coming out October 2019.

5. Shadowscent by P.M. Freestone
In a world where prayers only reach heaven on sacred incense and perfume are a prized symbol of status. Rakel a 17 years old girl with a gift for scents, Ash and imperial guard with a great secret  that could get him killed who protects Prince Nisai on the road. When Prince Nisai gets poisoned the Rakel and Ash are both suspected of the crime, they must come together to find an antidote against a race against time, danger and their own demons.

Coming out November 2019.

6. Twice In A Blue Moon by Christina Lauren
Sam Brandis was Tates Jones's first love, when she discovers her trust was misplaced after it is revealed that she is the long lost daughter of the world's biggest movie star, when she'd only told Sam.
Fourteen years later now an upcoming actress she meets him once more, is it possible to have that "once in a lifetime love" twice,  and is it possible to have done the wrong thing for the right reason ?

With the hopes you find something that is up your alley.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Another Great Series by C.S. Pacat

C.S. Pacat is the great author of the Captive Prince trilogy.
In case you haven't heard of it before, Captive Prince is a political driven story about Damen a hero in his country hiding as a slave in the country he was fighting, because his half-brother seized the power in his Homeland and strips him of his power proceeding to sell him to the Prince of the other nations as a sex slave. There is one rule to Damen's survival as he is under the the control of Prince Laurent a beautiful, deadly and manipulative man. He must never, EVER reveal his identity as he would be executed.
Here is the first volume for those interested:
Captive Prince (Captive Prince, #1)

Now C.S. Pacat came out, with the help of Johanna The Mad and Joana Lafuente, with a graphic novel series called Fence.
Aso you must've guessed it Fence follows the journey of Nicholas Cox the illegitimate son of a retired fencing champion who wants nothing more than to prove himself in the world of competitive fencing. He will not only have to face his half-brother, but also the unbeatable, mysterious Seiji Katayama. With rivalries, friendships and romance between teammates, Nicholas will discover there is much more to fencing than he ever thought.

Fence, Vol. 1Fence, Vol. 2Fence, Vol. 3 (Fence, #9-12)
Currently there is three volumes out (issues #1-12), each volume gets better and better. This graphic novel series is not only packed with action it also delves deeply into Fencing, the rules and the art of it. You can truly feel the passion each character has for fencing and see the hate to love romance that is slowly simmering.

Totally worth checking out if you haven't !
Overall 4/5 stars

Fun fact: The author is also coming out with a new series in 2021 called  "Dark Rise" !
HERE is what we know about it for now : "C.S. Pacat's first YA series is set in an alternate London, and follow “the heroes and villains of a long-forgotten war who are being reborn, ushering in a dangerous new age of magic”."


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Top 10 Books From January to July 2019

Here are the top ten books of that I read between January and July 2019 !

1. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey Mcquiston
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
This book contains one of the best bi-representation I have ever read, it is lyrical, politically aware and the romance is as sweet as candy, but feels all too real. These characters are charming and the issues they face are true, I loved the multimedia aspect of it, the e-mails, text and multiple POV's made it all the more enjoyable a must read and new release of 2019.

2. Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
A beautiful YA science-fiction that delves into what we perceive as the truth, camaraderie and a school for fighters. This book is funny, sad and touching in the most unexpected ways, I loved the intricacy of the world Brandon Sanderson created and how all those elements came together and the friendships that build throughout the story. Also, amazing drawings of the space ships.

3. Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff
This is the start of a new series by the marvelous writing duo that Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, they previously wrote the illuminae files together. This book is a multiple POV series about a lie that is uncovered 200 years or so after and when a young teen is found in the carcass of a spaceship by a soon graduated student of the Aurora flight school, they begin to unravel. This is an hilarious story about a ragtag team that will be made to save the world.

4.The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
Once again this duo of woman authors did it, another funny, romantic story. This time setting up two people both brother or sister of the groom and bride to go on the honeymoon in their place. If you are looking for a cute, funny, full of twists and turns love story than this is for you !

5. Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau-Preto
A beautiful, political intrigue fantastical story about Phoenix Riders, two sisters and a century old war. This book is a truly original gem of a story and a wonderful debut novel that is also the start of a series you can't miss.

6. The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross ( The Queen's Resistance by Rebecca Ross)
The Queen's Rising by Rebecca   RossThe Queen’s Resistance by Rebecca   Ross
This is definitely more of a political intrigue that happens to be in a fantastical medieval-esque world. This book was a wonderful audiobook; the setup is in a world where people study a passion in the hopes to be chosen by a patron to become a master in a 'passion' such as knowledge, art, music, etc. Though this is a duology it does feel like one book and thus I recommend reading/listening to them back to back.

7. Always by Kindle Alexander
Always by Kindle Alexander
This is a wonderful novel that tells the history of how two men fell in love and lived their lives together. It is beautifully written it feels raw and real. I loved seeing how they fell in love and spent their lives together.

8.Cut the Time : Premiere Impression by Judy Jong
Cut Time, Tome 1 by Judy Jong

This is an indie graphic novel that has some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen, The main character is Rel a blind girl who can see the world through the eyes of her falcon. The series start after she saves a rich heir from an assassination attempt. She the heir and a sorcerer doctor will go on a journey to help Rel make a journey across the desert.

9. History is all you left me by Adam Silvera
History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
Adam Silvera has done it once again, he broke my heart. Was it a captivating story, yes, did I enjoy it, yes. Did I also hate it, yes. It is both wonderful and heart wrenching, I hated Theo, like so many things he did with his new boyfriend was simply not right, but I also couldn't help but feel Griffin's lost, his hope and ultimately him finding a new way to live without his best friend and ex-boyfriend in the world.
Must have a box of tissues to read !

And finally

10. Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan Mcguire
Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
This is a series that follow the lives of children (who like Alice in Alice's adventures in wonderland) that have fallen into another world, it's a story that follows them when they come back to our reality. Each novel follows a different character or characters, one book is in our world while the next in one of the fantastical world, while also all being connected for a bigger story line. They are short books that have beautiful writing and are a must read for anyone who ever dreamt of finding a door to another world.

Do you love Dungeon and Dragons and enjoy Graphic Novels ?

If like many of us you enjoy Dungeon and Dragons then here is a series of graphic novel tailored just for you.
The Adventure Zone by Clint McElroy
Here is The Adventure Zone:Here There Be Gerblins by Clint McElroy, Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Travis McElroy and the illustrator Carey Petsch.

This graphic novel series is based on a Dungeon and Dragon podcast that follows the McElroy brothers and their adventures of a game they are playing live on their podcast.
 It is funny and sarcastic, with some Intel from the dungeon master as you read. It's a beautifully created story that encaptures some of the best aspects of the game while also being a great way to introduce people to Dungeon in Dragon without them going to a game.

4/5 stars

Sidenote the sequel also recently came out in July (The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited!) !

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal

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First things first, I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
Now that this is out of the way, let's get to it.
This book was a surprise, I didn't expect it to be so dark.
Silas is sooo creepy like that stalker game is very strong ....
So this was a very dark and intriguing tale about a young woman, her sister, an artist and a stalker. The main and most interesting part of the story is how the era in which Iris desires to become an artist. I loved how her passion came into play and how while the story was becoming darker and darker, it didn't take all the place in the novel.
I loved the romance and how art was used in the story.
Ultimately I really enjoyed my read and the writing style.
The only things I would like to give warning to is 1. animal cruelty and 2.stalkers ; which could be triggering to some people. (which as I am someone who loved animals and had a stalker was triggering to me)
Great book totally recommend !
3.85/5 stars

Crown Of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

Welcome to this book review,
Disclaimer: I receive an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review ! 

This book was unexpected, I heard about the premise of the story (riding Phoenix into war disguised as a boy) and I was hooked. I loved Veronyka she was so badass and the side characters where amazing, Tristan was funny and it was so enjoyable to read from his point of view he really brought another view to what was going on in the story. 
The writing style was exquisite, it made the story flow and really immersed you into another world.
The story in itself could’ve been told in a more active  way at times, while I loved the richness of it, I would’ve sometimes enjoyed to have a side character or an event explain the history of this wonderful world. The action in this novel was not only intense and captivating but also funny at times due to witty comments made by the characters or the thought process they had. 
All in all, i recommend this book 100% it’s great and a must read of 2019 new releases ! (Or ever really)
4/5 stars
Thank you for reading,
Bookarina !