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Friday, September 27, 2019

Made For You by Anyta Sunday Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange of anew honest review (which they always are but like we might as well stay it)
Made for You (Love and Family, #2)
I have to say this is an adult novel and contains explicit scenes, so beware if that's not your cup of tea !

I went into this after reading the description, it really intrigued me. This story is both fluffy and heart wrenching, we follow two points of views through the novel. The first  one Ben a charming young adult in his early twenties doing his best to raise his younger brother Milo, and couple of years after the death of their parents. They live in the little joint house by the side of the house they used to lived with their parents. The second, is Jack a young (still 16 years older than Ben) Carpenter teacher at Milo's school, he is kind and funny, his dream is to buy and renovate the Villa of his dreams.
This story truly takes off when Jack volunteers to renovate the brother's house, he is determined to keep things professional even though he is undoubtedly attracted to Ben. Of course Ben is flirtatious, and deeply attracted to Jack, though he respects his boundaries and they become friends.
Jack is also loving this little family of two, it's a little look into what he's always wanted and doesn't think he'll find; Jack also has a sad past, he was disowned by his family for being gay.
This novel was a true surprise, I wasn't expecting to fall so deeply in love with the hilarious bird loving brother dynamic and the deeply touching romance that was into this. It was the perfect mix of choosing to be happy, learning that sometimes love is unexpected and that dreams can change.
Milo was what really got me hooked from the beginning he is HILARIOUS, I loved how he kept trying to make his brother not sell the house, while he is a troublemaker at school due to his sarcasm and humoristic comments. This causes trouble at parent-teacher meetings for Ben, he feels like he is failing his brother and isn't raising him right, this is the root of his problem, he isn't grieving as much as he should be because he feels overwhelmed by everything.
This story was perfect in both happy, loving, melancholic and sad moments. I loved the friendships that were in this book Sam and Luke were just so endeering, amazing friends and I loved the portrayal of ex-boyfriends not being toxic and still becoming best-friends.
I cannot stress this enough..

5/5 stars


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