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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal

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First things first, I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
Now that this is out of the way, let's get to it.
This book was a surprise, I didn't expect it to be so dark.
Silas is sooo creepy like that stalker game is very strong ....
So this was a very dark and intriguing tale about a young woman, her sister, an artist and a stalker. The main and most interesting part of the story is how the era in which Iris desires to become an artist. I loved how her passion came into play and how while the story was becoming darker and darker, it didn't take all the place in the novel.
I loved the romance and how art was used in the story.
Ultimately I really enjoyed my read and the writing style.
The only things I would like to give warning to is 1. animal cruelty and 2.stalkers ; which could be triggering to some people. (which as I am someone who loved animals and had a stalker was triggering to me)
Great book totally recommend !
3.85/5 stars

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