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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

On The Ice (Stick Side Book 1) by Amy Aislin

I haven't felt this emotional in a long time.
On the Ice (Stick Side, #1)

This book was so unexpected in the most unexpected way possible, this is the love story set in 2007/2008, between an NHL hockey player called Alex who broke his arm and is visiting his grandfather during his remission and a college student  called Mitch whom is both a math genius and an amazing hockey player; the story truly takes off when after a couple encounters Alex ends up being Mitch's tutor for his creative writing class.

 I loved them together, but what really got to me is seeing/reading about someone like me, a demi-sexual person and it truly touched me. I just felt so compelled by Alex's story the representation he brought to demisexuality and how true it felt and similar in ways to my experience with it even though I'm not a man like him.

Storyline wise it touches a lot of hard subjects in the most delicate and intricate ways, it really makes you slowly fall in love with both the main characters and their friends. Cody was such an amazing friend to Mitch, and while his father (Mitch's) is present I loved how they portrayed the difficulty he has with his mother who wants him to quit hockey "not a real job"  and his brother who wants nothing to do with him anymore; there was also a great deal of why Mitch wants to stay in the closet, since being gay in sports is a taboo especially in Hockey in 2007/2008. On Alex's side of things he struggles with the sickness of his grandfather, the pressure of being a professional Hockey player and the book he has to write about it.

Overall this is one of the best books I have read with these themes being in it; furthermore, it brought me the same feelings as the first time I could see my experience of bisexuality when reading Autoboyography by Christina Lauren for the first time.
I HIGHLY recommend it !
5/5 stars.

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