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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash volume 1 by Ao Jyumonji Light novel Review

Welcome to this book review
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: Volume 1
This is the first Light novel I have ever read, for those who don't know a Light novel is a Japanese novel with a couple of pictures inside (in this case the illustrations are by Eiri Shirai). They often get made into animes or mangas.
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is the first volume in a long (still ongoing) Light novel series, fun-fact to be aware of is that after reading the first two volumes of this series you would be able to watch the anime adaptation as it was inspired by those volumes.
I will, of course, tell you my thoughts on that when I have read the second volume and watched the anime.
Now let's get into the review, as far as this volume went, it did take a couple of pages, nearly 50 to get used to the writing style and how the story was told. I really enjoyed my experience, however at times it was annoying to have to refer to the first couple of pages of the book where the information on the world, monsters and images of the characters to get an idea of what they look like and what the monsters or places are. See, while this was a really fast read, it was just annoying; for example you'd be in a fight and they'd say goblins, but he was only trained to kill human like creatures, so you would go to the front and see what they meant. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the world and the characters, apart from Ranta whom got on my nerves all the time and Yume who kept saying her own name when talking.
Haruhiro is really interesting, I can't wait to see him get badass and all strong, for now it is nice to see him scared and really thrown off by the world that he and eleven other characters have been put in with no memories apart from their own name.
Overall, it is an enjoyable read and I rated it more on my enjoyment and the way the characters evolved throughout the story then the ways somethings didn't make a lot of sense, such as meeting characters for only a few page and never talking about them again or getting random words or places introduced without any explanations.

And so, I ended up giving it a
4/5 stars.


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