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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Songs from the Deep by Kelly Powell Book Review

Songs from the Deep
Disclaimer I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review !
This book was a surprise, I went into it with low expectations as I don't often enjoy reading mysteries, though the deadly sirens are what intrigued me the most.
This debut novel is truly unique, I loved the writing the way the author managed to pull you into the atmosphere and the world in a few pages. The music element was also really fun to read and the way everyone was so accustomed to the unwritten laws of how to stay alive with deadly sirens in your daily life.
I loved how everyone was so quick to accept the murder as a siren attack, since nobody or most people don't know much about sirens/how they didn't want to believe it could be a murder by another human.
The story was unique and not gory as it could've been which is also great for younger YA readers, the best part was me not knowing solving the mystery before the BIG REVEAL.
Overall, this was a good story and it really did capture my attention, was it one of my favourite book ever or book release by a new author of 2019, sadly no. But I do recommend it for lovers of mysteries and people who love fantasy looking to put a foot into mysteries !
3.85/5 stars

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