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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton Book Review

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

(Note: this edition can be found at bookdepository.com, it is the UK paperback)

This book was a surprise, personally I don't typically enjoy mysteries, thrillers or suspence oriented books. They just tend to bore me, I HATE when I can predict the ending or tell who is lying or being truthful too easily.
Which is why I was so hesitant to read "the seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" even though I had heard nothing but wonderful things about it.  I think part of the reason for my enjoyment of this book is due to the fact that I love reading journal articles and that the author is a journalist, I could tell how much had been put into each characters, why they acted certain ways and it felt like they all had a very distinct voice in my head.
From the first page I was intrigued, first of all the time period in which this book is taking place is one my favourite I love the decorum, parties and whole socio-political side of things. Second, the writing style, while we had many point of views, in certain ways, I didn't feel lost or confused even after picking it back up a couple of weeks after I had first started it, being more than halfway done with my read at that point. I appreciated the complexity of the story, it was a multilayered one that made everything, from the characters to the setting and relations between everyone real and tangible.
Now a part of what I did not completely like was the pacing, sometimes it felt like everything was going too slow and at the end it felt a bit rushed. Everything happened all at once. However, I did enjoy that it did not end in an open ending sort of ending.
I loved the sci-fi element of waking up in a different body everyday, living the same day from a different perspective.
All in all, I would recommend this book, it is worth checking out but I would also like to warn that it is slow at times and thus is not a book for everyone, it did after all take me 2 months to complete my read of it.
If this author writes another mystery or better a fantasy or Sci-fi you WILL ABSOLUTELY see me pick it up !
4/5 stars

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