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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The UNwilling By Kelly Braffet Book Review -- Harlequin Blog Tour Winter 2020

Welcome to this BLOG TOUR !!!

Disclaimer : I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review !

Well, I was supposed to post this earlier but I unfortunately hurt my thumb and was unable to do so, I wanted to apologize for that since I kept you guys waiting !

Now let's get into the book review; I was captivated by the idea/premise of this book. Unfortunately I found myself bored and annoyed  by it for most of my reading experience. We know that our main character is adopted and hated by everyone for being different and maybe a "witch". A long part of the book is taken by the "intrigue" of "will they or will they not" and "who will" kill the antagonist. Furthermore, the magic that made me want to read this book is very badly explained, Judah and us have no idea what the magic is, how it works, why a group has worked so long to get it but can't. WE JUST DON"T KNOW WHAT IT IS. But APPARENTLY it's important ? We have to go through over the 400 pages mark to be like "OOOH that's the magic she has".
We as the reader, are informed by the author of what Judah has been through, how cruel Eldan (the antagonist) is and it is repeatedly shown to us. What was too much for me were the overly long child abuse scenes the author wrote.
I am not a reader that gets easily offended or squeamish. Okay I get it we need to read a little of that but why drag it out ???
There is an abundance of free violence  in this book, such as murders of pregnant women, abortions on non consenting conscious & unconscious women, child abuse, deaths and they are all super descriptive (or most of them), there is no point to 90 or more % of these events. I felt like the author had mistaken violence with storytelling and worldbuilding.

In my opinion great concept and poor execution.
1/5 stars

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