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Monday, May 11, 2020

Boys of Alabama by Genevieve Hudson ARC Review

Boys of Alabama

Welcome to this Book/ARC review,
I want to start of by saying that my opinions are my own and not affected by the free advanced reader copy that I received of this book.
Also sorry for my absence, these are difficult time and for my mental health I had to stay away from anything that is or could be social media related.
Now without further do here are my thoughts.
It is not often that I have little to nothing to say about a book I have read.
It was a unique writing style that did need a few pages to get used to, I enjoyed the characters, they weren't the WOW I will remember you all my life type of characters and it was a nice coming of age story but it did not resonate with me as other books have in the past.
I feel that I mainly felt that way because the author seemed to want to integrate too many themes that need a lot of building and time in a book such as a cult-like part of the story, southern culture and homophobia. 
This book fell in a weird place where these things weren't badly presented but rather did not have the proper time to expand to their full potential and the fact that they were all there, without mentioning the heartbreaks, love and such in the story, made for a rushed ending and a book that is just okay.
Not a favourite, but neither a worst.
My most hated types of books honestly, or one of, it just won't stick with me and I probably will never think about it or remember any details about it in a week.
Overall okay.
2.75/5 stars

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