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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sister of Sword and Songs by Rebecca Ross ARC Book Review

Sisters of Sword and Song
Welcome to this book review,
I wanted to point out that I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free and that it doesn't in any way affect my opinion or experience of this book.
I am a huge fan of Rebecca Ross, since her debut novel a couple of years ago I have devoured her books. I love her writing style and her story telling is captivating.
 This story was no different, I did not know much about going into this novel and this is how I would recommend you go into this.
While I do believe that I would've enjoyed this novel even more if I had listened to it, I really loved my experience reading it as an e-book, the only downside I did not see how close I was to the end of it until I turned the last two pages, which was a shame since I loved it so much and wanted more of this world and these characters.
I can only touch on how deeply I rooted for the characters since I do not want to spoil anyone and fervently believe it is the kind of book you just need to pick up without looking too much into it.
Overall, great somehow fast and captivating read.
4/5 stars
Read this gem, Bookarina.

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