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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Aurora Burning By Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (Aurora Cycle_02) Book Review

 Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle, #2)

This is the sequel to  Aurora Rising, the first book in the Aurora Cycle.

This author duo makes magic together, I love their work the way they can bring a story and characters to life. In case you aren't aware they have also written the "Illuminae Files" together, which was amazing and is told through files and recordings, etc. 

A good thing to note is that as you start this second novel you are given 7 page recap of important things that you learned in the last book ! (Can we start a petition for all sci-fi and fantasy series to do ?!)

This one is more the typical type of novel, once again a sci-fi they made a cast of unlikely heroes coming from all races of the universe, squad 312, who are the only ones who can save the universe from this alien parasite race. I love Kal and Aurora aka: Auri, they are slowly developing a beautiful romance between the two of them which I love to see come to life. Finnian our mechanic (gearhead) is one of my favourite character, he is always funny and sarcastic he is also interested romantically in Scarlett who is responsible for communications (basically social relationship and politics), the sister of our captain (or Alpha as they call him) Tyler also nicknamed "Goldenboy" to annoy him.  Zila the medic/scientist is just so exasperated by everyone all the time and tries to understand why people act certain ways because it amuses her.  

What makes this series so good, so far, without mentioning the ever evolving plot and amazing action that is jammed in there, is the friendships and camaraderie between all our main characters. First of all you get POV's from all their perspective which means you get to know all of them on a deeper level and understand their motivation. Apart from that you also get to see the little jabs they send each other's way and how most of them act like family/siblings, annoying one another like when they are undercover and act as if one of the character is a rich wife who is cheating on her husband and fake a reveal and fight between one another.

This book is filled with emotions, love and friendships. The plot is complex and there are twist and turns the whole time you are reading it. The authors manage to make you feel as if you personally know the characters, while also never anticipating what's coming next. This book ended in such a cliff hanger and I cannot wait to read how this story will wrap up and close all the loose ends tidily. 

5/5 Burning stars


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