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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Beneath The Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3) by Seanan Mcguire Book Review


This series is dear and near to my heart. It is written in such a whimsical manner and truly makes you feel the atmosphere and emotions the children are feeling. This is a series that needs to be read in order as there is a bigger plot woven between each book and vital information mentioned as you progress through them.

This is, for those who do not know, a series about children whom came back or are in (depending on which book they alternate) a magical world similar to what happened to Alice in "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll" and "Narnia" they call it their "door" the way they get into those world, may it be in a trunk or a tornado or an actual door. Each book follows a different character as they deal with being thrust into a situation they do not know how to feel about, by being back in our world where they no longer feel at home or being thrown into a fantasy world. 

This particular intallement in the series follows mainly Rumi who appears at the "Home for Wayward Children", a boarding school of sorts for children who want to go back to their fantasy world 'ruled' by a 19 year old women who is much older that also falls back and forth between her own 'door', after falling out of her world she appears at a time when she isn't born yet in our world and her mother is dead. She involves some of the other kids in a quest to bring back to life her mother so that she can stay alive and her mother does the actual quest she was meant to do, save the world she traveled to. In this book we also get to know the children who are from water worlds which was very interesting, even though they are all water oriented worlds like the one who became a mermaid in her world each experience was different, this book also touches on how she was bullied and felt ugly until she went through her door and became a mermaid (Cora). I loved each new character and the ones we got to know better in this book, they all felt tangible, like I knew them enough to believe they could be real. I loved how well the author weaves hard topics in a way that doesn't makes us feel like it takes a toll on us emotionally, but rather informs us and makes us aware of them and think about them in a positive manner. 

There is a trigger warning for fat shaming, although it is mostly the character called cora having those belief in her head about her own self due to her past interactions outside of the Wayward home for Children. There is also the instance when a comment is made, but it's by an "evil/bad" character that gets defeated, as any quest go for evil people, during the book. 

Even though all of these books are short, under 300 pages mostly much smaller, they are impactful. They leave a mark on you, make you think about them and contain some of the most beautiful quotes about longing, believing and trusting yourself. I adore the way it doesn't gloss over the trauma these children have from coming back to our world, how it doesn't push it under a carpet but rather embraces it with open arms and helps them cope with it. They are surrounded by people who won't tell them they are crazy, who understand what they are going through and it makes them feel better, with these books you see how even through hard things 'things will get better'. I also love the bigger plot that is woven in it and the adventures we see while reading them. There are also funny and heartwarming moments, these children are scarred but not broken and always, like ALWAYS ready to slay a dragon. I loved seeing some characters that had left the home and was sad when one of the children stayed in another fantasy world that is connected to her door so that the quest could be accomplished. I laughed so many times during my read of this book, the conversations are hilarious at times !

Seanan Mcguire has a way with writing atmospheric books and novels that impact you long after you have finished reading them. This is one of my favourite of the series and I cannot wait to read the fourth installment in the series. The covers for these books are also gorgeous, which is always a plus !

Overall an amazing book and series that keeps on getting better with each novel !

5/5 stars


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