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Friday, August 21, 2020

Dark Sentinel by Christine Feehan Book Review

 Dark Sentinel (Dark #28)

Christine Feehan is a guilty pleasure of mine, her books never fail to take me out of what would've become a reading slump. For that reason, I always have a couple of her novels on hand. I have slowly become a fan of her work, as they are fated mates with Happily ever after endings that you can read (for the ‘Dark’ Carpathian and Leopard People series) out of order without problem, they are also written with two POV’s(point of views) which is one of my favourite things. These books are thirsty, so beware if you do not enjoy to read eroticas !

In this particular intallement in the series, we follow Andor who had given up on meeting his soul mate, the one who would bring back colours and emotions to his life. See the Carpathians after 200 years lose the connection they have to their emotions and the colours, until they meet their fated mate. In Andor's case it's been 2000 years so we stan him staying alive this long and not succumbing to the darkside. Carpathians become vampires when after losing their emotions they start to kill people while feeding as it gives them a "Thrill of the kill", basically they become psychopaths and in doing so they will be unable to recognize their mate even if they meet them. 

We also follow Lorraine, Andor's mate, as she has come to the forest (not specified but in the US) as a retreat to recover from the death of her whole family, she goes there to learn to deal with the aftermath and meditate to let go of the anger/resentment this event has brought. 

SPOILER (though you learn it before the 50 -pages mark) : her brother got addicted to steroids and when her family confronted him, he killed them all before killing himself. : END OF SPOILER

They meet when Andor is debating if he should let the human hunters kill him, as they have mistaken him for a Vampire. That's when our couple meet, as Lorraine saves him from the attack. YES she is a badass in multiple martial arts which was extremely cool and also she's a telepathic person. In Andor she meets someone similar and who can also read other people thoughts, but also a Healer who can heal himself and people. (Comes in handy after he was impaled before she saved him)

I loved their connection, the way he made her feel safe and their chemistry. As always Christine Feehan managed to pull us into a novel that captivated our attention and gave us the secure happily ever after that while we knew was coming, is sometimes much needed in between other books. This was wholesome and they meet at the right time in their lives, where our main character was not someone who needed to be saved, but rather complimented one another and healed each. 

One of my favourite reads of this series so far, I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for soul mates, happily ever after and just need something that gives you both lava burning smut and plot !

4/5 stars, 


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