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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Human Omega : Pyhk series by Eileen Glass Book Series Review

Human Omega: Discovered on the Slave Planet (Pykh, #1)Human Omega: Trapped in the Alien Jungle (Pykh #2)Human Omega: Babied by His Guardian Mates (Pykh, #3)
Welcome to this series discovery book review, 
when I first started this series on a whim having accidently stumbled upon it, I did not anticipate how much I would enjoy it... but here I am shipping them, eagerly awaiting the next book in this series ! This has so much dept, the world is rich and interesting, I love the complexity of the story and the politics. Of course I am also a huge fan of our favourite trio of lovers, I just cannot wait for the fourth installment in the series to be out !
I love the alien races, how even though they had difficulties (to put it mildly) communicating it did not stop them from getting attached and making meaningful connections to one another. I love how our main human omega character is this badass takes no bullshit kind of guy ready to defend his men to his last breath. 
Read this series, ignore the ugly covers, these books are so much more than their ugly covers !
Overall they are 4/5 stars as a whole, 

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