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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Playing to Win by Stacey Lynn Audiobook Review

 Playing to Win (Ice Kings, #1)

Disclaimer : I received a free copy in exchange of an honest review.

This book was an amazing surprise, I was hooked into it from the first seconds I started to listen to the audiobook. 

This is the story between a super popular professional hockey player who was injured during a game and a physiotherapist. They were together for a couple of weeks in college until Jude Taylor our main character left for a hockey contract before their final year, after an amazing night were they realized their feelings, they lose contact as a misunderstanding happens. Katie. believing he was just another jock who wanted to sleep with her blocks his number but never forgets him.  Jude, trying to contact her left believing their relationship meant more to him than her. Five years later, they meet again when, after his injury, he is sent back to Chicago for rehab at the center where Katie works as a physiotherapist. 

The chemistry between the two main characters was unreal, they were steamy, but sweet and just perfect together. There was also an amazing bunch of side character, their best friends were MVP's, there for them and just the best friends you could wish for. Katie's colleague,  Avery, was the representation of us fangirling over Jude, she was so funny. I really hated Megan, her boss, she was so angry and such a bad person, like she was just gunning for Katie, wanting her to be miserable. I loved how her other co-workers, Logan, was looking out for her from page one, he was on her side while also looking out for her career as being with Jude could cost her her license since he was Logan's client at their workplace. 

The narrators were amazing, I felt the emotions through their voices and it felt raw and real. The story was passionating, I loved how it was a second chance romance the two main character Katie and Jude were deep and felt real, tangible, listening to their story felt like people telling me their stories. The sex scenes are to say, steamy and at first awkward to listen to, but it felt natural once I was further into the story. 

Overall it was a great listen, I totally recommend it,

 4/5 stars


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