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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Zero At The Bone By Jane Seville Book Review


This book has me with mixed feelings. On one hand the parts I enjoyed were great, while on the other hand I was bored and annoyed by it a lot. See I was expecting to love this, it had been recommended to me for the longest time and I could not wait to finally read it. 

So the good parts, I loved the action, when there was any, and how much we got to know the main characters. Their dynamic was fun, the cast of characters colourful and I really enjoyed the intrigue in the end though I do not believe it needed to be dragged out so much.

The bad parts were the pacing, we would go from action packed super intense, to pages and pages of waiting and not much happening anywhere. There is also the inner monologue that was too much at times, already we are in their heads so much can be deduced from their actions and the way things are going without the monologue pointing things out at us. 

D, our main character who was the hitman, was written with having an accent which okay fair and all but sometimes, especially in his thoughts it was hard to follow, certain words were written as he would pronounce it which I was okay with when he was speaking, but the rest mainly took me out of the story. He also felt off for being this badass hitman, he felt more like a guy reluctantly doing his job, not really as badass as I felt the author wanted us to believe he was. When a book keeps pushing certain things with no proof, like how good he is at being a hitman and stuff, it feels fake. If he was so hardcore we shouldn't have to be reminded of that fact, it should be obvious by what is happening in the book. 

Our other main character Jack, the doctor, who witnessed something traumatic and is a witness to murder. Deduced things too easily, like okay he's intelligent and a doctor but like by a photo with names behind, no indication of who is who, only knowing that D is D he figured out what his real first name is. EVEN THOUGH, and that pulled me right out of the story, D's brother is the one with a name starting with a 'D' and D's name starts with an 'A'. Like when his medical expertise was needed and happening, it makes sense for him to know stuff, but like at the beginning when they were on the run, he is better than D at finding a new car license plate than D the supposed badass hitman. WTF, like really what's up with that ! Also he was so chill about everything, which like excuse me sir are you shocked, because you are better at keeping a cool head than our hitman. 

So yeah overall, a lot of the author's choices felt off to me it was hard to believe in the authenticity of the characters and who she presented them to be when even they acted out of how they should have acted. It pulled me out of the story and while I feel that they had a good chemistry between them it felt like the book never progressed at a good pace always feeling too slow or too fast like their relationship. 

Unfortunately one of my most disappointing reads of the year. 

2.5/5 stars 


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