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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Frostheart by Jamie Littler Book Review


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This book was a wonderful surprise. I have a weird relationship with middle grade, I either love it or cannot finish/or hate it. I started this one after hearing so many good things about it. 

The main elements that caught my attention were the fact that Ash’s guardian is a Yeti, he has powers and he is going on an adventure to look for his parents who are pathfinders. Pathfinders are people who travel between the strongholds/villages to bring supplies and sometimes discover them. All the people in that world are in danger of being killed by leviathans, creatures that hide under the snow and ice to kill people; they also roar/sing to communicate. 

Ash is a young boy living in one of those village, his parents left him when he was young to go do their jobs but never returned. No one really knows what happened to them, long story short the village takes care of him and after a couple incidents,  when he was singing a lullaby (singing is feared and illegal) his parents used to  sing to him, he comes under the care of a Yeti called Tobu. The story picks up when Ash uses a power even he didn’t know he possessed to save a ship of pathfinders that is on their way to their village being attacked by leviathans. He is a song weaver, they are feared, scorned and believed to be evil as they can communicate with leviathans understand their song and in the belief of the non-song weavers can be controlled by them. He is then cast out of the village and leaves with the pathfinders he saved. 

This story was fun and a quick read, I really enjoyed Tobu and Ash. I loved how different each characters were and how they interacted with one another. Unfortunately, I disliked Lunah the most, I just could not bring myself to enjoy her she got on my nerves like argh so annoying. I wanted to like her so much, thankfully she was eclipse by the rest of the character and I could easily ignore her ! 

I loved where the story was going and how we were introduced to life outside the village, the images throughout the book truly enhanced my enjoyment of the novel. For a book a little over 430 pages it was really fast paced thanks to it having over 40 chapters. I really enjoyed the way the storyline was set up for the most part, I felt however that at the beginning the story took too long took for us to get into the catalyst of the story, I did not believe that the playing with friends was necessary, we could’ve easily gotten his want to sing from the night if he had been punished for something that did not require 4 chapters to conclude in certain ways, I would’ve preferred to have him singing the lullaby and hearing the leviathans and getting the explanation then. The ending was good I loved how it set up for the next novel, though I am not sure if I will pick it up yet. But oh well, when the storyline picked up and the novel concluded I did enjoy it! 

Overall this book was a 3.5/5 stars,

one if the rares I enjoyed but did not love. 


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