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Friday, September 11, 2020

Guardian's Grace by Rebecca Zanetti ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

This the 12th book in a series, and I do believe it is one where you benefit from having read the previous books as there seems to be a bigger storyline that you follow throughout those books. 

You follow Andare a vampire and Grace a newly turned vampire, five years after he saved her life by turning her and then left her. They are mated but not a couple, Andare is a warior of the seven a secret order composed of vampires, demons, shifters and others who protect the "realm" and inhabitants of the world in a way against vampires who can only act during night time (Andare's type are like humans, in the sense they sleep at night). It is this big war type thing and honestly as I had not read the previous books a lot of it didn't seems as big of a deal as it was supposed to be or should've been if I had read the rest of the series. 

For the romance, it felt flat, they haven't been together or fully mated in the five years there bond was created but we are supposed to believe they get together super quickly even though Andare is always "I don't fall in love, emotions are not me" and her supposedly super independent, believing with reason, that he does not care. And then thrown together when he once more saves her life, oh they have no real conversations but are suddenly in love ?

Like okay, mates but they never completed the bond, he has an idea (a false one) of who she is in his head, but we are supposed to believe all this time he was in love with her but wouldn't accept it... Yeah, no.

I did enjoy that Grace defied what was expected of her, though sometimes she came across as childish, not understanding how much she was putting everyone around her in danger. There is this moment when he and his fellow seven go do a dangerous mission and she just decides to skip the plane that was getting her to safety to go where she was put in a coma before Andare saved her life by mating her. I get wanting to remember her lost memories of the attack, but there has to be a limit on how thoughtless she can be in putting others in danger, ESPECIALLY since a little time before she did that they got attacked because of her..., it was selfish and I just disliked her more at that moment. Also she is in danger because she is this all important key (one of three) which people decided she did not need to know even though it affects her and puts her in a more delicate position in which she should be even more protected. 

In the end I wanted a more building romance even though they were mates, since 5 years had passed and Andare's ex had come, I wanted her actions to have thoughts put behind them and for her to act like the adult she was. While the sex scenes where steamy, I couldn't help but feel like they happened too soon especially since so many conversations were left to hang in the air unresolved. 

Overall, a 3/5 stars.


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