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Friday, September 18, 2020

The Beginning after the end by Turtleme Webnovel and Manhwa


Divergence (The Beginning After The End #7)

This series started for me as a manhwa I was reading online, slowly but surely I fell in love with the characters and the storyline. We follow what we call an isekai, that means other world. Our main character was a King, King Grey reincarnated into the body of a baby in another world where he takes upon the name of Arthur. In that world there is magic, awakenings that give a person their magic and martial arts. There are three races, the humans, the elves and the dwarves. You follow arthur as he deals with reincarnation and figuring out his place in the world, his powers and why he was reincarnated with all his memories. 

I highly recommend the manhwa, it has beautiful illustrations and is in full colour, it also follows perfectly the novels (which you can read as chapter on tapas by paying or buy them directly as volumes on amazon). I picked the story up at the second novel and I really enjoyed it, while the writing style isn't the best, or the most detailed (I felt more immersed in the manhwa) it is really fun. The novels have multiple perspectives which is one of my favourite things in fantasy novels and the storyline gets more complex as you get further into the novels. 

I love to see Arthur grow and I hope the other characters will get an accidental reveal that he was a king, the enemies are strong and while I want him to stay on the side of the war his current family is on, I also hope he is 

Personally, so far, my favourite volume was the volume four. 

Overall I would give this series a 4/5 stars. 


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