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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Bea Haunted by Joey Donaldson & Rachel "Tuna" Petrovicz Graphic Novel, Book Review

I first heard and actually bought this graphic novel on kickstarter (which I was quite fortunate this was funded completely and so the project actually came to fruition), I got a pin with it and was really happy to be able to support an indie work totally made and printed by the artists. 

It has a gorgeous cover and is filled with beautiful illustrations, the story begins with a flash back of events we aren't completely sure of what is happening she seems hurt and to have just gotten tattooed (is also containing a queer Sapphic romance), you follow Bea as she is an actress in theater. She works in a coffee shop and her bank account has just over 6 $ left in it, life isn't looking up for her so far and she is wondering what she is doing with her life. 

The story picks up when Bea falls on the ground due to slipping at work and a knife is about to kill her (as it is falling from the counter), at the same time she gets this beautiful vibrant woman as a costumer, as the knife is about to hit her a little blue ghost appears and saves her (the same ones as the ones on the cover of the graphic novel). As she hit her head, she believes she imagined it, she gets driven home and when she is alone after cooking, showering and doing her other daily stuff, she starts practicing for a play (theater play) and the ghost reappears, clapping for her. She is then followed around by the ghost and discovers, upon meeting the woman from the day before and seeing she has a bunch of varying colors of grey ghosts, that they appear and follow artists. She gets a tattoo that gathers them around faster, which makes her a better artist, but playing with forces that want to please you can sometimes become your nightmare as she discovers.

As her dreams start to come true and everything seems to be going perfectly, slowly things start to fall apart, she gets wrapped up in fame, forgetting those whom were there for her beforehand. This is a beautiful tale of what can happen when you forget to be thankful and want too much without putting the effort in as big consequences. 

I loved this graphic novel, though it unfortunately was not a five star. The only thing that made it not a five star was the fact that it felt like the ending got wrapped up too soon and it did not feel like a real ending. An amazing Halloween read ! I totally recommend it !!!

4/5 stars


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