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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Calypso's Heart by ARC Book Review


I received an ARC of the book and so thank you !

This was disappointing ? More so not everything I wanted exactly, a lot of the romance felt flat to me, it was not as captivating as I wished it had been. See I read a paranormal romance to be hooked on the main characters and their romance. This was not it...

I honestly preferred the side-characters, which is a big no-no in the romance world. The main characters should've been my favorite and the focus (with the storyline) of the book and they simply weren't. Rhyker the big bad, dark and handsome side-character was sooo captivating ! and Felix the cat soooo cute. BUT IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SO ( the cat I get, I love animals), but this is a paranormal romance, the main couple should've been my favorites !

It took me soooo long to actually get into the story, almost 50 % of the book, which is a tome by the way, over 600 pages ! so that was annoying and then it felt like the story was just going too slow, at least for me. I did enjoy the sex scenes they were pretty good, nicely written. I also feel that for such a ginormous paranormal romance, I did not get a lot of info overall about the world ? like where are the shifters ? where is THERE ? like I feel it could've benefited from more world building especially because it was so long !

Anyhow, not a bad book, but unfortunately not a series I will continue (maybe just Rhyker if he gets a book). Just an okay book.

3/5 stars


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