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Saturday, October 31, 2020

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab Book Review


This was one of my two Halloween day reads ! Second review at the end of the day !!!
I mostly read her adult work and so it was my first time reading her work that is targeted to a younger audience. 

It was nice and short, did I love it no, did I enjoy it YES. I am definitely a much bigger fan of her adult work, while I did enjoy this I can see younger kids loving and becoming obsessed with this. It felt like a detective paranormal unit type of adventure, haunted places/town and a girl who can see them. I really enjoyed the TV show aspect, because he parents started a TV show about haunted places and how she comes into her powers!   Cassidy was a lovely character to follow, this is the first book of a trilogy or series and so even at the end of this a lot is still left to be resolved and there are a lot of loose ends to tidy up in the next novels. Furthermore, in the novel we got a lot of funny moments, which made it extra amazing and as always great story telling from Schwab ! 

All in all this was a lovely book to read on Halloween and has all the spooky vibes I wanted without being scary. I highly recommend it for tweens and kids of 9 years old and older  !
3/5 stars

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