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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The invisible life of Addie Larue by V.E Schwab Book Review


This was one of my most anticipated read of the year. I love her writing and storytelling, this was no different while also being far from her other stories. The cover has a constellation, Addie's own constellation, the freckles on her cheek seven it is said in the book that each represent a god that is watching over her. 

We follow Adeline or Addie, her story begins in 1714 and we will follow her life over 300 years after she made a deal with the shadow/darkness/devil. The novel first picks up when she is about to be married by force and decides to run away, she breaks a rule and ends up praying to the gods after dark (the old gods, she is in an era where "God" is slowly appearing and the old gods are being forgotten). This is a bid no-no in the world of praying to the old gods, but she wants to live, be free and have the life she always dreamt off having adventures. The god grants her wish and gives her immortality in exchange for her soul, only he has twisted her wish and she can not make her mark on the world, be remembered or own things. 

This book is lonely, the author manages to make us feel the loneliness, the despair and the deep want to connect and be remembered. Addie gets to be alive, but never truly live she is no one, dust in a scenery watching the world change, always looking at what she wanted from the outside. Over the years, as we move back and forth between the years, she beings to meet people and always have the same conversations with them, learns that while she can't leave her mark on the world she can become inspiration. Be painted vaguely by an artist, make music with a musician enough times that while he doesn't remember where it comes from a random whisper of a melody is in the back of his mind, which will slowly become a musical piece. 

About half-way through the novel, she meets Henry the first person who remembers her and to whom she can say her real name to in 300 years. And he meets the only person whom when they look at him only see him and do not instantly fall in love with him. 

This book was lovely, an amazing read which made you wonder about life, artistic inspiration and what it is to really live rather than be alive. It is an highly quotable novel which deserves to be read slowly to really get the impact of what is happening. It is vastly different from Schwab's other work and while it is know as a love story over 300 years, it is not that exactly and so don't go into it expecting romance, but rather learning about the life of a young girl who once wished for freedom and life, who prayed to the wrong god and got her wish twisted. 

Overall one of the best novels I have read in a long time. 

5/5 stars


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