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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Prince and The Thief by P.S. Scott ARC Book Review


Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. And my opinions are my own, it did not affect my rating or thoughts on the book (other than being thankful for the chance to read it in advance).

So this was like receiving going out on a sunny day and suddenly dropping water on yourself, making your socks  soggy and uncomfortable for the rest of the day, unable to really dry them or change them. 

This is how this book felt, a really nice idea and such a poor execution. 

It managed to never have that perfect pacing where things felt like the story was naturally progressing, it was too fast then too slow and then predictable like no other. Maybe if I only read occasionally it wouldn't have felt as bad, but I hate when I can predict what is going to happen in a book. Nothing felt as if I was reading a new interesting, never seen before story. Yes the concept was amazing, but an idea is nothing without the right story telling and flow of a story. This can/could've benefited from a lot of beta readers and editors pointing out things that made the story predictable, ways to improve. This felt like a bad representation of what I believe this author could've had as an end result, it did a disservice to their imagination and to the sheer potential this story had. 

I found myself often annoyed with it wanting to love it, but ending up rolling my eyes or wanting to skip paragraphs and pages. The characters felt one dimensional, the world not fleshed out enough to feel tangible and the plot was oh so boring. When I finally felt like this story was going somewhere it abruptly ended, yes this is meant to be the first book of a series, but nothing was interesting enough that kept my attention and when something did it was the end of the book. It felt more like it should've been the half of it and that the book itself should've been shortened up until that moment to make it more of a beginning part of the book, a couple chapters, then that event some action a bit of things somewhat resolved and then that is what should've been set up for the next book. Unfortunately, that wasn't what happened, just a book that felt more like a humongous intro and oh here is some action before you go.

I was oh so excited for this book and it just flopped for me.

In the end It was a :

1.5/5 stars for me.


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