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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Cry Wolf by Charlie Adhara (Big Bad Wolf #5) ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: My thoughts are my own I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an Honest Review.

This book series is such a love hate relationship for me, not to say that I don't love it because I do.  This is the fifth installment in this wonderful series where we follow a detective and a werewolf and mysteries. It is very sherlockholmes-esque in it's formatting, meaning that while you do need to read this series in order, there is always a mystery that is solved in each book. Thus, it is a fun time not an eternal mystery that is seemingly endless.

This is a mystery, contemporary paranormal, MM romance. I know a mouthful, but truly a beautifully written series that has the right amount of everything.

I love our two main characters, this was no different their romance is organic from book one and the author manages to truly make you root for them. I love how each books elevated the romance ( I mean they are getting married what more do you want right !!) and how they both grow as people together and individually.  

Something I truly love about this series is that after the initial (books ago) communication issues that were quickly solved, we haven't had that issue again. I find that the author manages the perfect balance of romance with it truly remaining a mystery driven book, the plot is linear and easy to follow and these book are quick reads that leave you smiling. (Also leave you wanting more, I read the first three back to back because the other ones were not out yet and the last two together; it is just that addictive)

If there is one thing that I regret is the fact that there are no physical copies of this series, I would totally buy them ! 

Always a great time, I will miss them, thank you for this wonderful tale and characters.

4/5 stars


Cannot wait for the next book the author publishes, a bittersweet ending (because this is the last novel to my knowledge) to a series that I love so much and has been a constant 4 stars all throughout my read. 

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