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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish ARC Book Review ! ~ BLOG TOUR ~ MM Romance ~

                                                                  ~ BLOG TOUR ~

                                        Coming out next Tuesday !! GET YOUR COPY !!

Disclaimer : I received an ARC and it in no way affects my review. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Before I start this review I have to point something out:

 Who did this ? Like who choose to make this cover with writing on it that had weird graph behind it ? Maybe I am the only one questioning that choice, but it made me wonder for a while before I started it ... 

Another note, I am excited about this book and while it is a second book in the story, from what I had gathered before reading it, you do not need to have read the first one to read this one, which after reading it is very true since each book focuses on someone else.

Now the review:

This book was a very lovely valentine's day mood read. Not to say that I finished it that day, because unfortunately school waits for no one, but it was romantic. Now was it a 5 star romance, that I want to re-read again and again, unfortunately not. However I had a great time, and emotional time sometimes while reading this book. It is not a fluffy romance, not to say that it isn't romantic it just is sad at times and heart wrenching as we learn more about our main characters and their past. Thus, I would have to say; be in the right mood to pick this up, it is not a happy go lucky, unicorns and rainbows type of book. But that's what I liked about it, personally it added depth to the story I also enjoy sad books so right up my alley (it isn't  a crying, all sad book no worries it's a romance).

While I was reading it, the resounding thought I had was that Rye and Charlie just fit together. They felt natural, they had this tangible chemistry. They both, by coming together, helped each other grow, not to say they did not also grow on their own. But by learning to trust each other they found a family within each other and build a home. 

It was such a sweet story, even with the sadness contained within these pages, the overall feeling it left me with after the read was how warm it felt. Reading this felt like a warm hug, sometimes getting you through dark times and other times warming you up inside.

I don't want to got too much in details about this story because I believe it would be a shame to spoil and a true disservice to the overall experience you get when reading it.

I loved this, while not a new favorite of mine, one I truly enjoyed and a perfect Valentine's day story ! And it is a story I would love to re-read at some point in the future.



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