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Monday, March 29, 2021

Inside Affair (Prime Time Series book 1) by Ella Frank Book Review & Series Thoughts


This book was a much anticipated read for me, I loved Ella Frank's trust series and her Preslocke series. The prime time series had been compared to me as giving the same vibes as Trust, and it wasn't.

I waited to have the whole series before reading it, while it was the right move, contrary to the other two series by her I have mentioned this truly felt like one book, separated in three which was very annoying because they are not 1 or 2 dollars each, it comes up to a hefty price for what feel like one book that you won't own physically.  Now did I have a good time, yes a 3.5 stars overall good time, not a WOW CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS I LOVE THIS time, more a OK WAS NICE. The "second book" felt long to me and dragged out, the conflict in it that is a reveal at the end of it and continues in the third book felt also un-realistic with how that specific character had been acting in the previous appearances. Yes the hurt, confusion, no for the immature length of it (with A LOT OF TIME SKIPS).

The overwhelming feeling I had while reading this series was how little I actually knew about these character, yes I related to the feelings our MC was feeling in regards of his stalker and how powerless and scared he was. However after having read the series I did not feel any particular way. I was annoyed by the very "cutscene" cliffhanger moments, it wasn't suspenseful as much as stopping in what felt the middle of a paragraph. Like "OH and here we stop" ?

This is not her best series, and I have found myself enjoying her older work more, if you want to read from her read the other two series I mentioned before, to this day I am still super in love with these books. 

In the fist volume of the series I found myself annoyed with certain aspects of the book, how naïve our MC was and how they had so much chemistry for people who supposedly never got along, it felt like a 180 turn when a couple pages after our MC were kissing each other and being lovingly together. I would've enjoyed more character development and more time to get to know them, together and apart as people. It did not feel as though I knew them more by the end of the series and certain aspects were never mentioned again, his family is not okay with them together, they re-meet (childhood best-friends brother) and his dad is like "all good I like him now" as though he had not said "you guys aren't good for each other" (paraphrasing everything btw).

This series left me indifferent and unsatisfied, I get why some people like it, but again not my favorite from hers and not a series I will be recommending or re-reading.

Overall, 3.5 stars.

first 3.75 stars

second 3 stars

third 3.5 stars.


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