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Monday, March 8, 2021

Perfect On Paper by Sophie Gonzales ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book; it in no way affects my opinion, my thoughts are my own.

This book was one of my most anticipated book of the year, when I received the e-mail saying I would be getting the chance to read it I was so excited. 

This, to me, was reminiscent of "Sex Education" , the show on Netflix as both main character give advice anonymously to other students. While this is not a new favorite and did not hit the mark as much as her first novel did. This was a truly funny and heartfelt novel that made for a great time when I read it. It took me a while to put my thoughts of this book in writing as I couldn't and still can't explain properly (or as much as I wanted to) what made it work and not work for me. 

I loved how the author handled the manipulation Darcy ends up doing to Brooke as often, these things are brushed aside for an happy ending. There is a lot of LGBT+ rep in this book and topics touched in this book, it touches a lot of things that highschool-ers might have to, or have had to deal with. Family, Friendship and School problems, mixed with relatable characters. As always the writing style was wonderful and made for a quick read (if you  liked the first book and love "Sex education" this is the book for you).

A part that truly connected with me was the "Am I gay enough, Am I enough ?" questions asked throughout the book, as a bisexual woman/person this is something I have dealt with and sometimes still struggle with. This book beautifully addressed internalized bi-phobia, while not completely in my opinion, enough that it touched me. 

Something, that is a pet peeves of mine, that I truly disliked was the miscommunication. I hate it when problems wouldn't have happened or could be easily solved by having a conversation. I get that talking about things is hard, feelings aren't always clear, however when it can prevent people getting hurt or a misunderstanding I cannot stress enough how much characters being unable to have a meaningful conversation annoys me. They are not 10-14 years old, they will be adults soon and should know by now that sometimes you need to have those conversations even if they might not be pleasant to you. Don't do it if you can't talk about it, when it affects someone else is my philosophy. 

I also hated the blackmailing, but hey the story had to start somehow so I can't fault that. One part that annoyed me again as a bi person who hates that stereotype is how she has feelings for two people and doesn't sit down to have a conversation with her partner about it. As if a bi person cannot be monogamous or have a healthy relationship. When I was in highschool, figuring out myself, this is one of those things that was detrimental to me, I kept thinking "I can't be bi" I have never wanted to be promiscuous or thought of not telling my partner if I felt something for someone else. 

Overall, however, I did really enjoy the book other than those small issues I had with it. It was a fun book that did make me smile at some of the funny dialogs and in the end while not a book I will re-read, contrary to her first novel, one that I did enjoy. 

4/5 stars 


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