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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah Book Review

 This book was sort of dissapointing, in the sense that it had been a five star prediction of mine and that for most of the book it sat between a 3 - 4 stars. 

It took me over half of the book to really get invested in the characters, the story in itself and the storytelling are nice and I enjoyed the writing style a lot (which is why I want to pick up more of her books).

TW: rape (non-descriptive), war, death (also of children), hunger, torture.

I loved that the author could write powerful scenes without describing it in details, it brought another layer to the story and while sad, or horrifying it did not read as "this is too much I can't read that" type of moment as those scenes tend to be. I would've liked more towards the end, it felt like the story wrapped up too quickly with how slow the rest of the book had been progressing. I found myself, after my read, missing the fact that there had been no scene where One of our MC now an old woman would've talked with her child (not to spoil anything) in the "present" when she is old. 

Overall, it was a beautiful mix of past and present throughout the novel and a well paced change of point of view between Viviane and Isabelle. I loved the familial relations and there are many quotable excerpts in this book. While not a five star I truly enjoyed my time with it in the end. While I was unfortunately not sobbing there was a tear or two that fell in the last 200 pages. 

4/5 stars 


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