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Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Sigil : part I by Shakeil Kanish & Larissa Mandeville ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book and it does not impact my review of this book. My thoughts are my own. 

When I was so generously contacted by the one of the authors to review this book I was super excited, this is right up my alley and is a new author's first book ! A dark fantasy, LGBT, own voices POC novel; how could I be anything but super excited to read it ???

I really enjoyed this book, while it wasn't a new favorite or anything like that it was a really enjoyable time and a quick read. I loved the modern cultural references, like the magical world of the author we will not mention. The writing was super immersive and the mystery kept me on my toes. I cannot wait for the sequel, as I feel a lot of the questions I still have will be answered, about the world and the story itself !

I loved how action packed it was, there was never a moment where I was bored, though I would've like something to make it stand out more, it is a beautiful story told by own-voices authors. It is a wonderfully delightful debut novel that is worth reading if you enjoy funny characters, action, sarcasm and fantasy !

 A wonderful indie read  I am so glad the author reached out to me as I will keep on checking the next books they write !

4/5 stars


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