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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Dating Game by Rebecca Norinne Book Review

 This book was good, short and it definitely had the potential to be more. 

I wanted more of it, a lot of things are cut from the stories, the interactions and it leaves "was nice but not great" type of feeling while reading it because we don't have the time to truly care about anyone or the drama since we don't feel like we know them. That being said the writing is nice and flows naturally which means I will likely pick up another book by this author if it is longer. 

It was the perfect read for the Bachelor mood I was in, it just was missing that something that made me fall in love with the characters, the size did it a disservice as it could've become a new favorite had we had the opportunity to really know them, have their relationship be explored more and build more naturally. 

An insta-interest sort of love feel is what you get from reading this, a great 'in between huge fantasy books' type of read that leaves you with a nice feeling, but not a book I will be re-reading.

Overall short and fun.

3/5 stars 


Friday, April 16, 2021

The Treasure of The King and The Cat by You Kajika ARC Book Review

 Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. 

This was a short very lowkey BL which is an MM romance basically, there is nothing graphic and was basically a collection of a couple adventures within that world. Follow the same main two characters (or three if you count the magical cat).

I enjoyed it, but did not love it, I would not pick this back up to read it again and I was not in love with the characters, to me there was a lack of character development and world building which affected how much I enjoyed myself while reading this manga.

I found a lot of things sort of inconsequential and boring, events always happened too fast or too slow in my opinion. There wasn't a perfect tempo to it. However it was a fast read and the illustrative style was beautiful.

Overall a meh read. Nothing I will remember fondly, pretty forgettable as far as storyline. 

3/5 stars 


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Wolf In Duke's Clothing by Susanna Allen ARC Book Review

 Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review, my thoughts are my own.

So this had everything I wanted at first glance, paranormal soulmate romance in a time period Victorian setting, YES PLEASE. Unfortunately it did not deliver with my most wanted guilty pleasure read. 

This book left me disappointed, I had the urge to skim parts and felt highly uncomfortable with the setting the ML was making, I am all for a mate alpha possessive ML (when well done, not that is healthy in any way, but as a "would do anything to protect you' type of read when the mood strikes) in a guilty pleasure read, but this was just not it. HE RUINS HER REPUTATION, which if you know anything about that time period could be equivalent to social suicide since woman cannot own properties and rely on a man to survive, which a good match comes from the reputation you have, which is weirdly not an issue in this book since she can inherit her stuff at 25 ???? that baffled me...; TO MAKE HER FORCED TO BE WITH HIM. This is just no no no no NO, he basically closes all other doors, she is left with no free will. 

I could not get behind a romance that completely ripped any choices our MC Felicity had, she wanted to not get married and inherit her dues, but he was like nope your my mate, here you are ruined now I am your only option. WHICH EUW.

I was also SOOOOO bored thought the read, thing were much longer than they needed to be and the writing style drawn out which made for a lot of instances where sentences could've been shorter. 

ANYHOW disappointing read, a book really not for me. 

1/5 stars


Monday, April 12, 2021

The Woman with the Blue Star by Pam Jenoff ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review; my thoughts are my own.

This book was a somewhat underwhelming read, I was in the mood for something to make me cry, make me emotional and this did not do it for me. While it was an enjoyable read and I am sure a lot of people will end up loving it, I did not connect with the story or the character as much as I wanted to. Not to say that the writing style wasn't beautiful or the story in itself interesting. Just that it lacked the "je ne sais quoi" to make me obsessed with it and be unable to put it down. 

I found myself not caring if I continued or not the novel. It is a hard read, in the sense that it demonstrates atrocities that people had to live through, but it also shows human kindness in the man that saves her and her family. This novel showed the resilience of the human existence and the love/friendship that can be born even during horrible times. I really enjoyed how the author portrayed the friendship between Sadie our MC and Ella the  polish German collaborator who hates Germans . 

Overall, I just wanted to love it so much that in the end I felt disappointed. 
There were a lot of times when I was bored and wanted nothing more than for something to happen, this can be a slow read at times and a fast read in other parts. 

3/5 stars

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Gamora & Nebula : Sisters in Arms by Mackenzi Lee Book ARC Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review, it in no way affected my opinion, my thoughts are my own.

This is a book I was extremely looking forward to, even when I don't love Mackenzi Lee's work, I still enjoy it overall and so when I saw that after Loki we would get Gamora and Nebula I was super excited. I love marvel and this was the perfect read I needed. As per usual her writing style flows and her story telling keeps your attention all throughout the book.

I loved the sister bond, the struggles they faced and how everything unfolded. I loved learning more about how controlled they are by Thanos. I loved all the bits and pieces that made those character more tangible than in the movies, I felt as if I understood their motives more, the way they acted or their thoughts more, which is always the point for me when I read books based on comics or characters that were not the MC's of the story. 

The author did a wonderful job at matching the way they acted, the dialogs between them and the story with the original characters. It made them believable, like this is just another aspect of them rather than a whole new set of people. We explore their trauma's and how it changed them, what made them be who we know them as in the guardian of the galaxy movies. 

While I preferred the novel about Loki, this is one I really enjoyed and I think a lot of people will love. Fast, fun read that caught my attention from page one !

5/5 stars (more a 4.5)