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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Gamora & Nebula : Sisters in Arms by Mackenzi Lee Book ARC Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review, it in no way affected my opinion, my thoughts are my own.

This is a book I was extremely looking forward to, even when I don't love Mackenzi Lee's work, I still enjoy it overall and so when I saw that after Loki we would get Gamora and Nebula I was super excited. I love marvel and this was the perfect read I needed. As per usual her writing style flows and her story telling keeps your attention all throughout the book.

I loved the sister bond, the struggles they faced and how everything unfolded. I loved learning more about how controlled they are by Thanos. I loved all the bits and pieces that made those character more tangible than in the movies, I felt as if I understood their motives more, the way they acted or their thoughts more, which is always the point for me when I read books based on comics or characters that were not the MC's of the story. 

The author did a wonderful job at matching the way they acted, the dialogs between them and the story with the original characters. It made them believable, like this is just another aspect of them rather than a whole new set of people. We explore their trauma's and how it changed them, what made them be who we know them as in the guardian of the galaxy movies. 

While I preferred the novel about Loki, this is one I really enjoyed and I think a lot of people will love. Fast, fun read that caught my attention from page one !

5/5 stars (more a 4.5)


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