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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Dating Game by Rebecca Norinne Book Review

 This book was good, short and it definitely had the potential to be more. 

I wanted more of it, a lot of things are cut from the stories, the interactions and it leaves "was nice but not great" type of feeling while reading it because we don't have the time to truly care about anyone or the drama since we don't feel like we know them. That being said the writing is nice and flows naturally which means I will likely pick up another book by this author if it is longer. 

It was the perfect read for the Bachelor mood I was in, it just was missing that something that made me fall in love with the characters, the size did it a disservice as it could've become a new favorite had we had the opportunity to really know them, have their relationship be explored more and build more naturally. 

An insta-interest sort of love feel is what you get from reading this, a great 'in between huge fantasy books' type of read that leaves you with a nice feeling, but not a book I will be re-reading.

Overall short and fun.

3/5 stars 


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