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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Questland by Carrie Vaughn ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for an honest review, my thoughts are my own.

This was a let down, I have no other way to put this. I won't go into details in this review as I don't feel like dwelling on a book that will eat up my current reads time and will just make me even more annoyed about what it could've been. 

So this is pitched for fans of DnD and as an hybrid between westworld and jurassic parc. I thought this would be somewhat humorous and from the description thought they (Our MC's) would be thrown into the world of a fantasy as they are playing DnD. Nope think more along the lines of, this is westworld with mythical creatures made by man. Also I hate the thrope of a random person going into a military base as an expert, like don't they have people that were hired while making those things that know more about it than this random lady ???

Anyhow, our MC (a nerdy doctor) has PTSD which okay, but why would you put her in a situation that would constantly trigger her and make her cry and revert to child-like behavior or revert to acting super scared and unable to act ?!?!!? HELLO WASN'T THERE A BETTER CHOICE or could you at least give her tools to help her not be triggered or emotionally distraught ????  I could not get attached to any characters, they all felt meh to me. 

I found myself not caring about what would happen, good thing is the authors overall pacing otherwhise I would have DNF'ed it FAST.

2/5 stars Bookarina.

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