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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun ARC Book Review

 Disclaimer: I received an ARC, my thoughts are my own.

tw: anxiety, depression, OCD, homophobia

This was one of my most anticipated read of the year, as someone who casually enjoys the bachelor and loves romance, in general. While it is not a new favorite it did contain aspects of this book that I liked, first of all the mental health positivity surrounding going to therapy, anxiety rep and depression rep. However as I do not have an OCD to my knowledge, I cannot speak on that aspect of the book. 

I loved the scenes cut out, we get in between certain chapters that show us what will be censored and how things are put together to present the people in the reality tv show as "drama" or "mean' even though they were led to these actions or sentences being taken out of context to create drama for the viewers.

I loved the behind the scenes of the book. 

The romance aspect felt lacking compared to the rest, I did not particularly cared about them together, but did enjoy them as individual characters. It has an HFN ending (happy for now), which is nice.

The biggest aspect of the book for me was more the growth each of our MC's went through and how they learned and became happier at the end of this, but did not need each other to continue to grow or be happy (which is honestly my favorite aspect of the book).

There were some scenes in the book, part of the drama outside of the tv reality drama, that made it annoying to me and felt out of place, I won't spoil anything but the main conflict fell flat to me. The time skip in between it and the resolution did not help my enjoyment of the book at all. 

Overall a good book that read quickly. 

I would recommend it for fans of the bachelor and romantic tv realities as it is basically the bachelor where he gives out crown and they accept to become his "princess" instead of accepting a rose. 

4/5 stars


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