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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Wildest Ride by Marcella Bell ARC Book Review -- Blog Tour --


First of all welcome to this blog tour, a little later at night than usual by my standard but I was sick for a while so sorry for the delay !

Disclaimer: I received an ARC and this in no way affects my thoughts on this book. 

This is a hard book for me to talk about, it was such a slow starting book that it does not feel like a 4 star but neither does it feel like a 2 star or even a high 3 stars. It was not one of my favorite rodeo, cowboy romances that I have read. The ending was a 2 stars, the rest a high 3.5 stars, 3 stars even. Why end a book with so much stress for the future still left, I understand this is the first book in a new series/companion novel collection, however I wanted a more definitive happiness to really feel like their ARC was over and see them as side characters in future books.

From the raging reviews I saw myself loving it and the synopsis made it sound right up my alley, unfortunately it was meh, I kept waiting for more to happen for the book to get deeper into things and really make me HOOKED as a guilty pleasure read does. All it did was really make me crave things that did not happen. The pacing was off to me and while it contained many nice scenes with our MCs it was just not as engaging as I hoped. I imagined tension and a strong FL, she was more so inconsistent to me, super strong or really weak, never an in between. A lot of reveals in the story had very little preamble to them, they came as quick as they left and the reveal was never satisfying to me. (very low angst if you enjoy it that way this might be for you though do not expect a super well wrapped ending)

Overall an unsatisfactory read at least to me. 

3/5 stars Bookarina

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