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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Daughter of The Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan Book Review


I LOOOOOVVVVEDD it . The mythology, the lyrical writing, the fast paced action.
So much happens in this book, there is so much content, twist and turns and the romance is just an added bonus, not the point of the story. I loved the women friendship in the book and how confident our FL grew to be. The time skips are well placed and you don't feel like you missed something or that she learned a skill too fast. The author made a master piece, while this could be read as a stand alone with a complete ending, I cannot wait to see where this will go and how much the world will expand/everything wrap up as some loose ends were left at the end.

There are so many moments in the book where you cannot stop reading it, I recommend going into it knowing only that she hopes to find a way to free her mother from her confinement on the moon. 

Overall a wonderfully crafted novel perfect for fans of mythology, fantasy and fast paced action with romance added to the mix. I cannot recommend this enough.

5/5 stars