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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Would You Rather by Allison Ashley ARC Book Review


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book my thoughts are my own.

This book didn't make me fall in love as much as I had hoped to. I usually love fake dating, fake wedding, marriage of convenience. This let me down, its good just not as amazing as everyone had led me to believe, maybe my hopes were too high or I just wasn't in the perfect mood to read it, who knows.

I felt there were too many time jumps, there was also the whole "we have been friends for years" aspect which if not done perfectly always makes me irk. In this case, it felt off sometimes, we could feel the pinning, but no reason was "strong enough" to me for this to had been the moment when they let their feelings out. I hate the whole theme of making it seem like opposite genders cannot be friends or best friends. 

Outside of the romance there is no storyline, because of the time jumps once again, there is never something that is explored thematically outside of making a check list of typical tropes or romance scenes; one bed check, friends to lovers check, kissing practice check, ...

This is not to say there weren't moment I enjoyed, because there were, and the writing was super enjoyable. However, this is an adult romance with fade to black smut which is not something I want when I read a romance, while there are some, I enjoy in this case due to the lack of story it was kind of a letdown.

Anyways, while not a new favorite for me, I can see why a lot of people enjoyed it.

2.85/5 stars