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Monday, October 3, 2022

Dirty Dom by Willow Winters Book Review


underwhelming, fast paced, with no time for feelings ... 

This book was so fast paced that we got no feeing for any characters, it felt like it was trying to have too much happen in too little time.
The POV’s are hard to differentiate and often switch per paragraph which makes for a hard to follow read.
I had heard so many good things about it and the only feeling to left me with is annoyed and how underwhelming the whole story is.

This is a generic mafia book that you could read in the beginning of the Wattpad era, the plot is nothing really more descriptive than actually happening and jumping left and right.
The sex scenes are short and repetitive, also very disappointing for something that was supposed to be BDSM.
It felt like the author was just trying to check cases with what a typical mafia romance would have, they have sex within their first encounter/conversation if you can even call that a conversation. This mob boss conveniently called Dom also has no personality, no idea who he is meeting for collecting the debt he is owed and is bland overall.
Our “Doll” Rebecca called Becca is not better, she never explains anything, and their “banter” is her asking questions to a monster like duh he won’t answer. The whole book was boring and predictable, simultaneously too long and too short due to the lack of plot progressing cohesively in a way that makes sense with the events and actually empathize with our MC’s.
The writing was bad, something I expect from a frayed fanfic where the author has ideas for a story, but no actual experience as to how to connect all those ideas/scenes together.
Overall, I don’t understand why people like this book, I found nothing redeemable, I have another more recent book of hers that I now don’t know when I’ll get to after this read.
1/5 stars 

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