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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Twisted Love by Ana Huang Book review

 This was a fun read, not a life changing or super original/unique story but a great one.

I love reading some tropes in my romances when I feel like reading one, having a morally grey MC and a sunshine (this is also her nickname from him) of a FL was lovely.

I had previously read Twisted Games (the second book in the companion novel Twisted series) and really enjoyed it. This one had more storyline and a lot less sex than the second book in the series. I was also surprised by a plot twist which I was not expecting as I had predicted most of the book. I laughed and enjoyed so many scenes from this book.

I believe it's a great read for anyone expecting a predictable, sometimes cheesy romance with an I hate everyone, but you love interest. I loved the sister/brother bond between Ava and Josh, the banter and how easy it was to get into the story. While there are spicy scenes with a mix of BDSM (as I expect most of the series will have some aspect of it after reading the first two novels), it is not just erotica, at least not for this volume & we know to expect a happy ending for each novel which is always nice when you want one.

I recommend this for fans of Lauren Asher's books, and lovers of quick easy read romances with happy ending.

A perfect pallet cleanser, a fun fact to point out is that each book has a playlist attached to it and a trigger warning collection to check out in case you need it!

4/5 stars


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