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Monday, November 21, 2022

Mistakes were Made by Meryl Wilsner Book Review


Cover of Mistakes were made:
Two women sitting at a bar. Blue upper half of picture and then a bar with bar stools.

I really enjoyed this book.

The romance was lovely, and you could feel the chemistry between them. 

While there is a wonderful sex scene in the first chapter it takes a long time before we have more, it becomes slowburn-ish we know they are interested in each other but her being the mom of one of her bestfriend and her being the bff, they know they "can't be together".

I loved the side characters and the friendships, how Parker being the daughter of one of our FL wasn't made into this big issue, but rather solved swiftly.

While I did not like Cassie's "She's not like other girls" type of comment in the beginning of the book when Erin (Parker's mom) takes whiskey as a drink ("... it was whiskey, neat. A no-nonsense kind of drink") it was a fun book. I just wish she hadn't made a comment like that, other drinks are not "nonsensical" I just hate it when people make women identifying characters hate on other women for things they like. I believe we are past judging and not supporting other women.

There are some scenes I wished we'd had towards the 3/4 of the book, about the struggles and some comments Erin made about "it not being serious" and about their age difference. I think if it had gone more in depth about it with more conversations between our FL's and not with their respective bff's it would've been more impactful.

I was happy there was no cheating or "making mistakes 'cause she's younger" thrope in this romance book.

A refreshing Sapphic Romance that I highly recommend. 


4/5 stars

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