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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Wilting Violets by Anne Malcom Book Review

(this can be read as a standalone)

 I keep thinking about this book.

I really want to get it physically and I believe that upon a re-read it will become 5 stars.

TW: SA, Domestic violence, abortion, PTSD (guilt of not seeing the abuse, being abused, etc)
while not graphic it is mentioned and told in some amount of details.

This book is an MC age gap romance between the daughter of the new wife his best-friend has. While not his biological daughter once he marries the mother, he treats her as his.

He knows she's untouchable now, as his bf adopted daughter, but they have an undeniable chemistry, and he will go to all extremes to protect her and care for her. Our ML wants to keep his distance at first and the sort of slow-ish burn is to die for. I love when I can feel the tension and how he cares for her even after telling her they can't be together.

She is taken by surprise learning her mother will be getting married to an MC member, she until then was living abroad in school. She isn't as innocent as people believe her to be and is glad her mother is finally happy. She is dealing with some personal issues and has no intention of telling anyone. She wants to keep it together and not get in her mother's new life way.
To her grand surprise, her mother's new husband, makes it known he considers her his daughter and has no intention of keeping her to the side.
I loved how their daughter/father relationship grew.

I loved the fact that even in their "we can't be together" he (our ML) knows she is scared to drive in the rain and has panic attacks and so calls her and stays on the phone with her when he knows it will rain until she stops driving

There are so many things I loved about this book and while not a life changing book, it quickly became a new favorite, and I can see it becoming a comfort read.
This is a spicy book that had a great plot and was also simultaneously touching.
I highly recommend it if you are interested in it.
(I will be re-reading this soon)
4.5/5 stars

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