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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Weyward by Emilia Hart ARC Book Review (audiobook)

 Disclaimer: I received an audiobook ARC of this book, my thoughts are my own.

This audiobook was great. 

I loved our three MC's, their women empowerment, timelines and magic. 

It's this subtle magic, connected to nature, but not fantasy world type of magic, more so related to healing and more "undercover" type of magic.

Each characters felt fleshed out and I could see and truly understand how their timeline, situations and daily life affected their different approaches to discovering their magic and reacting to it, etc. 

The audiobook narrator had a lovely voice and way to narrate the book, I loved the atmosphere and how engrossing she made the experience. I did listen to it 1.75-2x speed, but that's normal to me.

All the voices of each character felt very different and I enjoyed how each chapter began by giving us the POV, date and place. Overall I had an amazing time with it and the writing beautiful (from me hearing it).

I highly recommend this audiobook/novel.

4/5 stars


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